Turtle Creek Farm LLC


Helluvah Diva TCF

Born on our farm and hand raised by me, Diva is a well-bred mare with brains and beauty.  Diva is out of Sunrise and Traveler bloodlines.  If you know about Fox Trotters, you know that is a fine pedigree.  She will remain on the farm as a family horse.  Diva will be bred a few times so stand by for updates on her training and breeding.  Updated photos to follow.  

Turtle Creek Fox Trotters is a small breeding farm emphasizing on naturally gaited Fox Trotters with good temperament, brains, conformation, and gait.  We also have curls.  Yes, curly coated horses.  These horses are normally hypo-allergenic.  Allergy sufferers can ride without the side effects of their allergies.  Of course, it is safer to test the hair and saliva of a curly-coated horse to ensure they are hypo-allergenic.  You may contact me at the phone number or email address listed below if you have any questions or requests.

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Pamela Jackson Mifflin