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Quotes Pam Mifflin was a great asset to me, in finding a horse. I explained my needs to her, that I was a novice rider looking for a good horse to learn on, and Pam started looking for me immediately. She found several horses right away that fit my needs. She also set up an appointment to see a horse and she was going to go with me, to make sure the horse was a good match for me. We ended up being rained out of that appointment. But, I went to see the same horse later in the week and he ended up being a perfect match for me, and I bought him! Even temperament, solid, rock steady horse that neck reins really well. In other words, a perfect horse for a beginning rider to learn on. I've also visited Pam's farm and was really impressed with her set up. Pams a great person to work with, she will find a good match for you and her fees are reasonable. I was very satisfied with her help. Karen Patterson Cedar Hill, MO Quotes
Karen Patterson
Satisfied Customer

Quotes My husband and I had a wonderful visit to Turtle Creek Farm and was in awe of the gardens! We were able to taste some of the best tomatoes and melons! So glad to have a place to buy such great produce so close to us! Thanks Pamela and Rick for the tour! Quotes
Wonderful visit!

Quotes I have raised my own horses since I was young. But I will be 60 yrs old next year, so I decided I wanted a horse which was already trained & healthy. Because if my knees, I thought I would try Foxtrotters. Recently, I purchased other horses from other owners/barns & I was so disappointed that I was about to give up. I was really "taken" & had to find proper homes for the other two. Then I came across a horse Pam had for sale. I live in Ohio & Pam is in the St Louis area, so it was a bit of a drive, but it was worth it. Pam was very honest & helpful. My niece & I rode the horse on the trails, since that was what I was looking for in a horse...calmness, ease of gait & healthy. I now own that horse, Macho. Pam went so far as to find alternative trailering from her closeknit "Foxtrotter family". Pam went out of her way to make this an easy, safe & pleasurable transition for me & Macho. I have been riding Macho & we are a good match & this guy is here to stay! Pam, thank you so much! Quotes
Gail Montemore

Quotes I live in the city of St. Louis, MO and when I visited at Turle Creek Farm, I met the horse, Buster among others, and I learned how to greet a horse properly. That is, when introducing myself to a horse I found that they like for you to breathe on their nose, so they can smell your breath. Then a horse seems to know you and trusts you a bit more. Mary H. St. Louis, MO Quotes
Mary H.

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