Turtle Creek Farm LLC


Blue's Louisiana Lilly is my first creation.  She is the offspring of two roan parents and we suspect she is homozygous for the roan pattern.  We pulled a hair sample on 09/03/18 and are mailing it to UC Davis to verify her color.  Lilly is a personal riding horse for the farm and she has carried children many times.  The first time I rode her was in a Doctor Cook's bridle (bit-less).  She has not been saddled in a year.  As you can see, Lilly is a dream come true.  We must mention her natural and smooth gaits.  She was born fox trotting.  

Lilly is so easy to bridle, groom, load, or anything you need a horse to do for you.  Check out that laid back attitude.  She is an all-around great horse.  We will video her under saddle soon.  Stop back in and watch her page develop.  There is no for sale ad on this horse.