Turtle Creek Farm LLC


                             Our Flock of Free Range Chickens 

Our rooster fell ill and passed last summer.  He was Zoey's arch enemy.  Here is a picture of some of our hens.  We lost some to predators and old age.  It is time for one dozen new members for 2013.  We're really impressed with our Rhode Island Reds.  Our Aurancana's are producing green-blue to bluish eggs this year. One of our hens must be a duck in disguise.  She is laying some huge eggs.  





                                 Border Collies Rock and Roll



 Words cannot express our love for this dog. 

Herd dog deluxe is the best way to describe him.  He's put my entire herd of horses back into the dry lot. Cody would try to herd me to the couch when he was a pup and tired.   This dog has endless energy and I don't see him slowing down soon. 


He's my buddy and companion. 

Cody Blue is one of my all time favorite dogs.  He's up there with the dog I grew up with as a child.  Boots was 18 when he died and I was 19.  I could write a book about our adventures. 

It's hard to describe Cody's level of intelligence.  He is probably smarter than the average tenth grader.  He is loving and devoted.  Rick gave me money to buy a saddle for Christmas 2002 and I came home with a bald-faced (red) Border Collie pup. 


 A good dog is priceless.

                   Samuel P Unregistered Austalian Sheperd



What a sweet and kind soul!!!


Samuel P Mifflin is a sweetheart.  Unfortunately, he is blind.  His vet thinks he can see shadows from a distance but doesn't even recognize your hand or a ball when you are playing with him .  He has no depth perception when the ground is blanketed with snow.  Sam often runs into things but gets around our farm really well.  He has parameters and does not leave them unless he is with us.  We're hoping he will live a long and enjoyable life on this farm.  Sam is so gentle he will lick a chicken on top the head.  It's too bad this gorgeous red baby cannot see the world around him.
                                   We cannot imagine not having a dog to love.  
                            Zoey Unregistered Australian Sheperd

 Zoey in her summer cut.  Isn't she adorable

 Chicken herder deluxe!!!


Zoey is one of the most precious dogs I've ever known.  She is so sweet in nature that her bark is a dainty boof, boof.  Rick has always wanted a black tri-colored Australian sheperd so I bought him one as a late Christma gift.  He sure is paying for his beloved gift.  Zoey is smart as a whip, gets into everything, and charms her way out of anything.  Guess she is spoiled rotten.  She has grown into a chicken herder deluxe.  Zoey is the master, of course, until the rooster gets tired and even.    No dog, not any dog gets into Cody's bowl and she has charmed her way in.

Rooster revenge!!! 


                 We adopt most of our dogs from rescue agencies .   
                                      Rick and Pam Mifflin