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                          Rick and Pam Mifflin
                      Official Horse of the State of Missouri

                              To Ride One is to Own One.

                      Voodoo Medicine Man aka Doo
                                                Video Coming Soon


 Voodoo and Pam Mifflin taking lessons from Pam Rodely.

Sire:  Baron's Final Star

Dam:  Flicka's Lady J

MFTHBA Reg 02-74996

14.2 Height

9 years old

Voodoo is a highly energetic horse who covers ground with his running walk.  I (Pam Mifflin) thoroughly enjoy the ride.  He is small, compact, and enough horse for anyone who wants to ride in endurance.  This horse will not tire easily.  Here is a picture of him riding in a Doctor Cook bitless bridle.  After a winter and early spring of practice, we are showing on the FOSH circuit in Missouri. 


  He is a wonderful horse and words cannot describe his intelligent and personable character.  Voodoo talks in the middle of the show ring with his whinnies and 'hey look at me attitude'.  He just has to learn the judge will take points off for him expressing his opinion.   He stands at the fence line on July 4th and watches our neighbors light off an awesome display of fireworks while he makes the strangest noise ever heard from a horse.  It is almost like a human saying , "wow, did you see that?".  In this picture some of our horses are at the fence line watching the neighbors little white dog bark like crazy.  Missouri Fox Trotters are highly intelligent animals and they know the little dog can't hurt them.  They seem amused by it insisting on barking. 


For Sale $3500

Will entertain reasonable offers, no trade.   

Voodoo needs a job.  He would be a great companion for a teenager who knows how to ride or a small adult who wants to ride endurance.  We will entertain all reasonable offers.   



Wild thing!   Isn't that what you first think when you see this spotted wonder?  Doo is the epitome of a cool horse.  He truly is a horse of a different color with his cloud blue eyes and bald face.  Rare indeed; his patterns are tobiano, sabino, and splash.  Doo was born on Gemara Farm in Georgia and purchased by Linda Vishino with Zorro Farms.  She sold him to us as a 2-year-old stallion; however, we had to geld him because our farm was not ready for a stallion.  Voodoo has an excellent pedigree and is double Toddy's Perfection bred. He is well-gaited and prefers a ground covering running walk. Notice that rooster tail.  He sticks his nose right out there and goes to town.  We plan to put a lot of riding miles and wet saddle blankets on him between now and spring. 

Voodoo is flashy with a lot of energy.  Climb on, sit down, enjoy the ride, and get there in record time, is how he performs.  Our plans are to show him bitless and shoeless on the FOSH show circuit.  We have high hopes for him and my second cousin Courtnie on the show circuit after she improves her riding skills.  Stop in occasionally and watch his progress.  We hope to take video under saddle soon. 


Voodoo spent eight months in training during 2008.  Five months with a quarter horse trainer and stops on a dime.  Doo also spent three months with world class fox trotter trainer, Ronnie Hollandsworth.  We've been working on neck reining and he is already looking for something new to learn.  He definitely gets bored easily and enjoys learning. 

Check back in the spring after we've finished his training.  We'll take a video of his gaits and show his intelligence and versatility.  He'll cock his rooster tail and go to town!!!!!