Turtle Creek Farm LLC


Dominant Curly Missouri Fox Trotters

Helluvah Diva TCF

Born to Fox Trot

Buckskin Beauty

Gold-Papers, DNA Verified

Registration Number:  11-98777

Sunray's Iceman x Playboy's Miss June D

Foal Date:  May 18, 2011

Blue's Louisiana Lilly TCF

Gold Papers,DNA Verified

Registration Number:  06-89232

Basin Street Blues x Pepper's Secret

Foal Date:  May 26, 2006

April Surprise TCF

Tall and Gorgeous Bay

Gold-Papers , DNA Verified

Registration Number:  14-102787

Pictures Under Saddle Soon

Micco's Curly Sugar Daddy x ZGC Memphis Belle

$3,500 U.S Currency

Foal Date:  April 07, 2014

Steppin Black's Snow Princess

WGC Bloodlines


Fox Trots a hole  in the ground

Gold Papers, DNA Verified

Rex's Steppin Black x Ruby's Princess H

Registration Number:  09-95233 

Sweet as sugar

$2,500 U.S Currency

Straight-coat Missouri Fox Trotters

ZGC Memphis Belle

Rare Dominant Curly

Beautiful Bay

Very Fast Gaits

Gold Papers, DNA Verified 

Registration Number:  07-91982

DCC Vegas x LaLee's Shinin Treasure

Foal Date:  June 26, 2007

$5,500 U.S. Currency