Turtle Creek Farm LLC


Hypo-allergenic (curly-coated) horses are our specialty

Missouri Fox Trotters are one of the all-around best breeds.  Their diagonal gait is dreamy and smooth.  These horses are excellent for trail riding because they are sure-footed.  A benefit of curly horses is their coat.  Most curly horses are hypo-allergenic, so most won't be allergic to them.  If you have severe allergies, we suggest you test the horse's coat and saliva before purchasing.  Request a saliva swab and hair sample from any horse you want to purchase.   My curly stallion, (Jack) is producing foals with substance.  He is for sale in 2019.   Jack has produced three excellent fillies we are featuring on this page.  

Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion 

Big, Bold, Beautiful

Gaited and Full of Curls

Great Disposition

Ground Covering Gaits

$2,500 U.S. Currency

Missouri Fox Trotter Mares

Some of the Finest 

Color, Gait, Disposition

Missouri Fox Trotter Geldings 

Gaited Epitome of a Cool Horse

Perfect Companion for A Teenager

$2,500 U.S. Currency